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School Policies

Dress Code

Student Standardized Dress

This standardized dress policy has been approved by our staff, PTA, Campus Advisory Council, parents and AISD and is required in 2011-12. Students who are not dressed correctly will be kept in the office until they change into required clothing. Parents requiring additional information or with special needs should contact Mr. Martinez, our Parent Support Specialist, at 414-0623.

Shirts:Only polo-style shirts are allowed. A polo shirt is a shirt that has a plain collar, plain sleeves, and 1-4 buttons at the top of the shirt by the collar. Shirts must be a solid color: white, light blue or dark blue, free of all writing & graphics. Shirts can be tucked in or out as long as they do not go below the pant pocket. Sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets may be worn if the student wears an approved polo shirt underneath. Outerwear may not include images or messages that are vulgar, sexually suggestive, contain profanity, promote violence or violation of school rules. 

Skorts, pants and capris for girls: Female students may wear dark blue or tan colored skorts (combination skirt/shorts to the knees), long pants, capris or shorts (to the knees). Pants, shorts or capris must also be tan or dark blue cloth or jeans. Dresses or regular skirts are not allowed. All skorts, pants or capris must be free of writing, embroidery or graphics.

Pants and shorts for boys: Pants must be dark blue or tan pants or jeans, full length or shorts. Pants will be worn at the waistline. Sagging is not permitted. A belt is required if pants fall below the waistline. Belts must be of an appropriate length, with no belt end hanging below the waist. Students may not wear sweats, jersey, knit, or wind pants.

Hats/Head Coverings: Head coverings of any kind (caps, hats, bandanas, sweat bands, etc.) are not permitted. Sunglasses are also not permitted.

Shoes: Tennis shoes or closed toe shoes are required. House shoes, sandals, slippers or flip-flops are not allowed.

Jewelry/Makeup/Hair: Students may not wear excessive jewelry (e.g. thick chains, large earrings) or have body piercings, other than earlobes. Makeup, fake nails, distracting hair coloring or hairstyles are not allowed (i.e. mohawks, extremely long hair, brightly colored hair).

Inappropriately fitting clothing:Oversized shirts and pants, overly tight clothes, or clothes that inappropriately expose body parts are not permitted. Clothing should not be torn, frayed or have holes.

Religious exemptions to any of the items in this dress code must be submitted in writing to the principal for prior approval.

Friday Spirit Day:On Fridays students may wear a Wooten T-shirt or college T-shirt instead of a polo shirt, and all other dress codes rules still apply.